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Mon Mar 4 14:50:41 EST 2002

Subject:   Gutenberg Digitized

(from NewsScan Daily, 4 March 2002)

The Library of Congress has teamed up with digital imaging firm Octavo
to  photograph, scan and digitize every binding, end sheet and page of
the  three-volume Gutenberg Bible housed at the library -- one of
three perfect  examples printed on vellum that are known today. The
other two copies are  owned by the British Library in London and the
Bibliotheque Nationale in  France. A similar project undertaken by the
British Library racked up 1  million hits in its first six months.
"We're hoping to take digital  technology as far as it goes and bring
this book to life," says Elaine  Ginger, editorial director of Octavo.
Viewers will be able to download the  text in full-page format and
zoom in on high-resolution details of single  letters. The
digitization process will take about six weeks, and a CD-ROM  version
likely will be available for purchase through Octavo in June. 
Meanwhile, the British Library recently announced that it will
digitize the  first edition of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and will
post 1,300  high-resolution images of the 15th century work online.
(Wired.com 4 Mar 2002)

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