[EAS]Students' Research Habits

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Wed Mar 5 22:53:02 EST 2003

Subject:   Students' Research Habits

(from CIT INFOBITS -- February 2003)
The February issue has other good citations about the role of online
resources in learning.


A recently-released report of a study conducted at Cornell
University, "Effect of the Web on Undergraduate Citation Behavior,"
indicated that students in the study "generally used fewer and fewer
scholarly materials in their library research in the past six
years," relying more on websites as research resources. Often
faculty find that the links that students cite are "broken," making
it impossible to verify the resource. The study pointed out that
faculty, in cooperation with library staff, can reverse the trend by
providing students with guidelines on the types of scholarly
materials that they should use in their research. 

The report was published in PORTAL: LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY, vol.
3, No 1, January 2003, and is available online to subscribers at

A summarizing article in THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION is freely
available at http://chronicle.com/free/2003/02/2003020601t.htm

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