[EAS]Starting Over Tiny?

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Wed Mar 19 20:06:00 EST 2003

Subject:   Starting Over Tiny?

(from NewsScan Daily, 19 March 2003)

The "World's Smallest Film Festival" is being held in conjunction
with the  annual Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association,
featuring such  quirky fare as an X-ray of a yellow people, a man
falling down over and  over again, and a 3D astrological chart. The
festival's sponsor, BigDigit,  is hoping that the event will spark
interest in films made specially for  mobile phones. "This is a new
medium, and we want to explore what the new  rules and the new
content are going to be," says BigDigit CEO Beau Buck.  Among the
100 submissions was one by big screen filmmaker Bonnie Palef,  whose
credits include "Moonstruck" and "Children of a Lesser God." Her 
contribution, called "What Great Thinkers Think," explores the Dalai
Lama's  ruminations on the concept of love, as illustrated by a dog
eating roast  chicken. "You use humor more in a short period of time
because you want an  epiphany for the person and you only have their
attention for a brief  moment," says Palef. "It's like movie-making
in the silent era. It's  preparing audiences for a whole new way of
seeing." (Reuters 18 Mar 2003)

Tiny silent movies ... Maybe that's the answer to the ever
escalating scale of film action & violence, vide "The Hunted" (the
current one, there've been three earlier movies by that title,
another aspect of failure of originality).
My next hopeful question is whether the same collapse to basics
could possibly happen to Microsoft Word and similar software, where
we've been "The Hunted" for some time now. [I know professional
authors who still use Wordstar.] --PJK

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