[EAS] Genesis redux

Peter J. Kindlmann peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Sun May 23 16:47:10 EDT 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues -

This article in the current issue of The Economist, about Craig Venter's new
organism, <http://www.economist.com/PrinterFriendly.cfm?story_id=16163006>
represents the kind of lively and excellent science writing I so value The
Economist for -- the kind of writing which, in the great middle between
advertising drivel and hyper-specialized indecipherability, seems to be heading
towards extinction.

It was the late Richard Casement who raised The Economist's science writing to a
world standard. It has flagged somewhat since his day, perhaps for lack of
themes energizing by their centrality. I hope that the great new arc of
progress, beginning with these advances in synthetic biology, will lift anew the
standards of communication through good science writing. It will be needed.

If the above link has gone stale or inaccessible by the time you read this, drop
me an email.


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