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Sense About Science

Sense about Science is an independent charitable trust based in Britain whose
work is designed to "respond to the misrepresentation of science and scientific
evidence on issues that matter to society, from scares about plastic bottles,
fluoride and the MMR vaccine to controversies about genetic modification, stem
cell research and radiation." An advisory council and over 2000 scientists,
whose members include Nobel Laureates to postdoctoral fellows, support their
work. On their homepage, visitors can view information on topics that include
food additives, MRI scans, and malaria.
After clicking on each topic, visitors can view presentations, read briefing
documents, and watch slideshows. In the "Other Sections" area, visitors can
browse their complete publications area and learn about their annual lecture
series. [KMG]

The Secret Life of Scientists

The website that accompanies PBS's NOVA television series is called NOVA Science
Now, and it offers many fun and engaging ways to better understand science and
scientists.  The Secret Life of Scientists is a web-exclusive series from NOVA
which helps the public understand how and why scientists study what they do as
well as "what happens when the lab coats come off."
Sixteen scientists are currently highlighted on the site, and visitors can visit
each scientist's videos and blog posts, as well as ask a question of any of the
scientists.  Scrolling over the pictures of each of the scientists reveals the
scientific area they work in, as well as what they do in their secret life.  One
of the scientists is Adrienne Block, an African- American geologist who has
spent time in the Antarctic and playing the bassoon is "her secret", while
Geologist Alexandra Bowman "secret" is performing Native American dance. 
Overall, the site is an interesting and entertaining look into the lives of
scientists.  [KMG]

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