Christianity in Japanese art / Japanese films at MWFF

moshi moshi crsg at
Sat Aug 29 23:06:37 EDT 1998

hello all.

i'm just out of "falling into the evening" by naoe gazu and i was
wondering if anybody had any insight on why, considering that christians
in japan form less than 2% of the population, a large proportion of
religion-related events take place in christian churches in japanese art
and films in particular? 

it is said that japanese christians often are artists or have liberal jobs
in general but it is no excuse in my opinion to 'distort' reality...

any insights would be appreciated!

ps: i realize i've never introduced myself... my name's olivier petitpas,
ma student in east asian studies at mcgill university in montreal, canada.
my intersts are japanese underground culture in general and most
particularily the contradiction of simulteaneous purity and impurity in
japanese society. 

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