Tod Booth tboot
Mon Jul 5 13:53:07 EDT 1999

You might also try the Pacific Film Archive, which did a Kato Tai retro
last year.


>         A request for pointers: I edit the programme notes at the
>         National Film Theatre in London, where next month we are
>         screening a Kato Tai retrospective (12 films). I am looking
>         for (i) any and all decent writing about Kato in English, and
>         any (ii) sources of extensive credits for his films. (Basic
>         credits are of course available in Stephen Cremin's excellent
>         Asian Film Library reference books, but we *aim* for
>         *complete* credits -- full cast with character names, full
>         crew, copyright date, etc.) I can't read kanji, but finding
>         help with written sources in kanji would at least be slightly
>         more convenient than trying to take everything off the film
>         prints (which is unlikely to be possible) ...

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