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Just to remind people, there is a guide to bookstores in Tokyo (and one 
in Osaka) which specialize in film books on the Kinema Club site (it's a 
bit old and needs to be revised).  Yaguchi is only one of several used 
book stores which have a lot of used film-related books.  And while I 
don't want to harm someone's business, I do also advise people to be 
smart consumers when looking for used film-related books: prices can vary 
widely even among specialty stores.  There are plenty of exceptions, but 
Yaguchi does have a reputation for being expensive.  Definitely go there, 
but go there with knowledge of what the going rate is.

Speaking of bookstores, if people know of other good film bookstores in 
Japan not on the Kinema Club site, please tell me.

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