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Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Tue Sep 7 12:05:24 EDT 1999

Over the last monthes and years more and more  antiquarian bookstores
started to sell their books via Internet. The biggest network is the
Antiquarian Booksellers Network which has a searching machine and many

Not all antiquarian bookstores, however, are connected, but their number
is increasing and so of course the access to books not to be found in
regular bookstores any more. (All of you may know the frustration if you
want to buy a book in Japan that was published only a year ago and hear
that it is already sold out).   
In Sapporo there are two antiquarian bookstores specialised on film, the
Shihodo and Libro.

They sell everything, from books, magazines and pamphlets to leaflets,
soundtracks and posters (Hoo Cheong, you should check them out). It is
very uncomplicated to order books from them from outside of Japan, the
only problem maybe that they don't accept credit-cards (Not yet, as I
was told). They update their lists quite often (Libro almost every other
day) and put the books off the list when they are sold (as many others
I am sure there are other antiquarian bookstores on the net that are of
interest for the members of the list. For people like me, who are not in
Tokyo, they are of much  greater value than places like Yaguchi or
Inagaki, where you have to go directly after all. 
I suggest to pool informations and put a list on the Kinema Club

Roland Domenig
Institute for Japanese Studies
Vienna University

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