expensive resource (E+J)

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Mon Sep 6 02:46:58 EDT 1999

>Katsudo Shashin Kai (Moving Picture World) bound reissue edition. Three 
>volumes for \88,000
>Complete set of this Meiji era magazine.

I strongly suggest that any university library trying to collect some 
works in Japanese buy this reprint.  _Katsudo Shashinkai_ was the 
magazine put out by Yoshizawa Shoten starting in 1909 and, while there 
were other magazines in existence at that time, the only one still 
existing from that era in relatively complete condition.  I used it a lot 
in my dissertation when there was only one relatively available copy at 
Nichidai; now that there's a reprint, looking at it will be much easier.

One of the interesting aspects of the magazine is that, in an effort to 
present cinema as a respectable medium, the magazine is full of essays by 
the famous and the less famous about the possibilities of film.  I would 
think people in literary and art history will be interested in some of 
those contributions.

Aaron Gerow

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