Aaron Gerow gerow at
Thu Sep 23 21:25:13 EDT 1999

>Following the recent thread about the contents of the list, I was wondering
>if it would be possible for reviews of recent films to be posted to
>kinejapan.  I know there are regular reviewers on the list, and I wonder
>how they would feel about offering this service.

Actually, I used to post my reviews regularly to the list after I had put 
them up on the reviews site.  That stopped happening when I stopped 
updating my site.  Now that I am updating it, I can again send the list 
my reviews, but I always felt I shouldn't clutter up people's mail boxes 
with long reviews when those who really want to read them can easily go 
to the Kinema Club site.  Maybe I should just regularly announce what has 
been uploaded onto the reviews site?

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