John Dougill dougill
Thu Sep 23 21:39:04 EDT 1999

Thank you to Aaron Gerow for this....
> I always felt I shouldn't clutter up people's mail boxes
>with long reviews when those who really want to read them can easily go
>to the Kinema Club site.  Maybe I should just regularly announce what has
>been uploaded onto the reviews site?
My own feeling is that if a review is marked Review:(title), then anyone
who does not want to read it can skip it.  A regular announcement with a
link would I'm sure be of great interest and promote the cause of kinejapan.

I know Mark Schilling follows the list - would he too be willing to post
his reviews or links to them??@or any other reviewer.....

Thanks a lot
John Dougill

PS Still searching for Yakusho Koji info if anyone knows anything about his

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