western films based on japanese novels 2

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Wed Sep 1 12:07:11 EDT 1999

Here some other western films based on Japanese novels:

"Sailor who fell from Grace with the Sea" by Lewis John Carlive (UK
1976) adapted from Mishima Yukio's  "Gogo no eiko" (There is also an
opera-adaption of this novel by Hans Werner Henze which was made into
video several years ago) 

"La Chiave" by Tinto Brass (I 1983) based on "Kagi" by Tanizaki

"Interno berlinese" by Liliana Cavani (I 1985) also based on a Tanizaki
novel (I think it is "Manji" but I'm not sure)

"Friends" by Kjiell Andersson (SWE 1988) is based on Abe Kobos play

Ingmar Bergman in 1992 directed an adaption of Mishima's play "Marquise
de Sade" for Swedish Televison under the titel "Markisinnan de Sade"

Although not a Western film, Yim Ho's "Wo ai chufang" (HK 1997) is based
on Yoshimoto Banana's bestseller "Kitchen"

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