Two publications (E+J)

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Tue Apr 11 20:14:25 EDT 2000

Two publications recently appeared in Japanese which may be of interest 
to KineJapanners:

1. Media Sutadizu (Media Studies).  Ed. Yoshimi Shun'ya.  Serika Shobo.  
(ISBN 4796702245, 2500 yen).

One of the few recent media studies anthologies in Japan that treats film 
almost as equally as TV (the tendency in media studies in Japan has been 
to maarginalize film).  The film related essays themselves are 
unfortunately not on Japanese film per se (Nakamura Hideyuki on film 
noir; Miriam Hansen on early cinema), but with work by Yoshima, Nanba 
Koshi, Wakabayashi Mikio, and translations of Hansen, Lynn Spigel, David 
Morley, Ian Ang, and Raymond Williams, it does represent one direction 
media studies is going in Japan.

2. Sasaki Tetsuo.  _Sanpunkan no sagishi: Yokokuhen jinsei_ (Three Minute 
Con-Artist: A Life in Trailers). Pandora.  (ISBN 4768478093, 2000 yen).

The memoirs of Sasaki Tetsuo, who spent much of his life making the 
previews/trailers for foreign films shown in Japan.  It includes his 
reminisces about growing up a film buff in the 1930s, working for 
Kawakita and Towa Shoji, starting to make trailers after the war, doing 
still photography, working on _Anatahan_, etc.  Some of his storyboards 
for trailers are included.

Aaron Gerow

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