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Thanks for the reference to SubStationC. It works the same as SubViewer,
SubMagic etc but it reads the Sub Station Alpha format so I can use that
software to time the subtitles properly. The author said that it should work
even when the DVD is played back full screen. I don't have my DVD computer
here at the moment -- do you know if the subtitles show through with WinDVD
or the Sigma Designs Hollywood+ card in full screen mode?


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If you planning view this films only in a PC machine you can use SubStation
Basically MediaPlayer run the movie and SubStationC run the script (create
with SubStation Alpha)
Not quality lose because movie and substittles run in diferent programs.

Also you can check the page of Giampiero Caprino  (Dorama Fansubbing).
Giampiero use a Pinnacle DC-10 card and TittleDeco program to create VHS
Dorama with subttitles.
This is the only page that I found in internet about japan (no-anime)

Ignacio Piedrabuena.

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