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With reference to Joe Hisaishi - you might try contact through his official 

Good luck!


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>Subject: Soundtracks
>Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 01:42:10 +0200
>Hi to everybody!
>This is my first message on this list, so, first of all, I'm going to
>introduce myself.
>My name is Paolo Bozzola, I'm an Italian student. I'm specializing in music
>composition at the Turin University. My final degree thesis is about
>Japanese anime soundtracks.
>I'm fond of Japanese culture: I appreciate very much the way Japanese music
>creates a deep inter-cultural link, allowing a western musician like me to
>perceive the logic of a culture I could hardly understand through
>rationality alone.
>My research is finally leading me to Japan: this summer I will fly to
>Tokyo, in order to live some time there and collect original material for
>my work.
>It would be extremely important, for me, to interview some Japanese
>composers, like e.g.:
>- Joe Hisaishi
>- Kenji Kawai
>- Kikuchi Shunsuke
>- Yoko Kanno
>- Shoji Yamashiro  (Geinoh yamashirogumi)
>- Yokoyama Seiji
>- Mitsuo Hagita
>- Watanabe Takeo
>- Norihiro Tsuru
>- Matsuyama Yushi
>It has been 'till now incredibly difficult to find their address and to
>contact them: if any of you has suggestions on how to help me, please
>contact me as soon as possible.
>Obviously, if anyone is interested in the subject of my research, I will be
>glad to provide as much information as I can - or simply discuss with you
>on this topic.
>Thank you in advance!
>Paolo Bozzola.

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