Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Wed Jun 21 06:39:40 EDT 2000

I contacted Jonathan Clements, editor of UK magazine MANGA MAX and author of
various books, who suggested - subject line: "request of the day for Kanno
Yoko's phone number" - that most anime soundtrack composers are best
contacted through their record companies, as identified on their soundtrack
CDs.  He also gave a link for a KANNO Yoko interview on the web:

.... and pointed out that issue 20 of his magazine - to be published in eight
weeks or so - will feature an interview with KAWAI Kenji.  (As they say,
available from all good newsagents in UK, Australia and the US of A.)

I'll continue to push him to join the Kinejapan list.  He's up for an award
in a couple of weeks for his magazines contribution to Japanese culture in
the UK which will be well deserved.

Stephen Cremin

(Who seconds Markus' request for Paolo's thinking on what makes anime
soundtracks and what makes them different to regular film soundtracks!)

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