Masato Harada at new Midnight Eye

Tom Mes china_crisis
Wed Aug 15 16:44:50 EDT 2001

Dear Kinejapanners,

This week's Midnight Eye features a lengthy interview with director Masato 
Harada, written by Robin Gatto. Harada has some very interesting things to 
say about the Japanese film industry and doesn't spare himself either.

Additionally, you will notice that the site has changed a bit. We've 
radically redesigned the start page (and got rid of those small letters), as 
well as adding a host of new features. These include a search option, events 
calendar with info on worldwide Japanese cinema-related events and DVD 
release dates (input is very welcome), a permanent links page and finally a 
mailing list for those who wish to stay updated with all the goings-on 
(which will be more often than my occasional Midnight Eye-related post here 
at Kinejapan).

Hope you'll enjoy the Harada interview, as well as the new look and 

Tom Mes
Midnight Eye
tom at

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