Tokyo Zance...- What is Tsunku Town Films

Brown Don the8thsamurai at
Tue Jan 9 04:51:36 EST 2001

Don't know too much about the company, but I do know that Tsunku Town Films 
is the film production arm of Tsunku (31), former lead singer for popsters 
ShaRanQ and current producer of mega unit-shifting lolita-complex girl 
groups such as Morning Musume.  The company also produced "Go-Con!", 
available on DVD and also for Real Player download (1,000yen) from this 
Tsunku Town's homepage is here:
And yes, it is that Kelly Chan who directs an episode of "Tokyo Vance".  
The film is scheduled for Japanese release in February, and was premiered 
in New York and London in December of last year according to Zakzak.
Don Brown

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