Tokyo Zance...- What is Tsunku Town Films

Jasper Sharp
Tue Jan 9 03:29:42 EST 2001

I noticed this was the production/distribution company behind Kaze Shindo's
LOVE/JUICE. Does anyone have any information on this company, such as how
old are they, its history, what the ideology is?

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Most interesting about the film - at least from a pop culture perspective -
is that one of the directors is Kelly CHEN ... assuming this is Kelly CHEN
the Hong Kong singer and actress ... and seeing that she speaks a little
Japanese (see TOKYO RAIDERS) it seems quite likely.  Also among the
directors is JINNAI Takanori who's a great Japanese actor; perhaps most
memorable recently as the stalked victim of Kuroki Hitomi in THE FRAME but
also incredibly active in TV drama.  Anyway, Tsunku Town Films deserve
support, so go along.  Must be interesting.  Other directors are IIDA
Kazuma, NOZAWA Naoko, HIBINO Katsuhiko, MATSUO Takashi and YAMAGISHI Noboru,
at least some of whom are actors too.  Cast includes FUKADA Kyoko, SUZUKI
Shin'ichi and KANAYAMA Kazuhiko.

Stephen Cremin

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>There's going to be a free screening of a film called TOKYO ZANCE on 
>Jan. 10 (Wednesday) at 7:30pm at the Screening Room in New York 
>City....and can anyone tell me if this is worth going to?  I'm 
>generally open to anything free, but at the same time I'm kind of 
>busy these days so I don't want to toss away two hours if I can help 
>The tagline is "7 directors, 7 stories, 1 city...creates a sexy 
>chaos" and it's from Tsunku Town Films.
>Any info would be appreciated!
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