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Mon Jan 8 23:29:38 EST 2001

FIGHT, ZATOICHI, FIGHT ("Zatoichi kesshotabi"; as in "Zat?ichi kessh?tabi",
long "o" in both words), episode eight in the series, is indeed directed by
Misumi Kenji.  Tanaka did direct some episodes, specifically:

1963 ZATOICHI ENTERS AGAIN (Shin Zat?ichi monogatari)      [Episode  3]
1963 ZATOICHI, THE FUJITIVE (Zat?ichi ky?j?tabi)           [Episode  4]
1966 ZATOICHI'S SONG IS HEARD (Zat?ichi no uta ga kikoeru) [Episode 13]

All of the films have various English titles.  For example, Tanaka's 1966
episode is also known as THE BLIND SWORDSMAN'S VENGEANCE.  Take your pick.

Stephen Cremin

PS: Very impressed with Mark Schilling for coming out with his story of a
certain Japanese producer and that telephone call in the Japan Times today
in his review of PARTY 7.

>From: "Lewis Saul" <lsaul at>
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>Subject: Zatoichi
>Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 19:08:46 -0800

>I am hoping someone can help me straighten this out:
>There is a film in the Zatoichi series entitled:
>The usual translation is "Fight, Zatoichi, Fight" but on my copy it says
>"Zato Ichi's Comical, But Bloody Trip."
>The other confusion is that the IMDb has the director as Tokuzo Tanaka, but
>the translation on my copy says the director is Kenji Misumi.
>Also, the IMDb has the title as "Zatoichi kesshi tabi" ["kesshi" as opposed
>to "kessho"]...
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Lewis Saul

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