Lewis Saul lsaul
Tue Jan 23 21:10:06 EST 2001

>I would like to exchange information with anybody who has interest in film

I am very interested in film music. And I've got one for the group, for
which I'm sure Aaron, et al. will have a quick answer:

In the second section of Kurosawa's "Dreams" ["The Peach Orchard"] Ikebe's
music [before the quasi-Bach organ music]...

Then last night I was watching Mizoguchi's "Shin heike monogatari" ["Taira
Clan Saga"] -- and during the section where the woman is with the Minister
of the Left at his house -- I hear music which is eerily similar to Ikebe's
music cited above...

Is this a traditional Japanese melody? What is the name of the instrument
that produces those beautiful long, droning notes?

Thanks, experts.

Lew Saul

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