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Wed Jan 31 17:58:11 EST 2001

They're also showing Thai transsexual volleyball movie, IRON LADIES.  I
think in Panorama.  Big box office smash at home - perhaps second highest
Thai film ever - which also happened to outgross THE PERFECT STORM and
HOLLOW MAN in Hong Kong where it was also available in a version dubbed by
some of the territory's biggest stars.


>From: Janine Hansen <jhansen at>
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>Subject: Berlin line-up
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 15:26:40 +0000

>Dear all,
>the line-up for the Berlin International Film Festival (February 7 to
>18) has finally come out.
>Below, I've listed all films from or about Asia that I found in the
>program. Any comments on films some of you may have seen already are
>highly welcome.
>Beijing Bicycle (Shi qi sui de dan che), dir. Wang Xiao-shuai
>Betelnut Beauty (Ai ni ai wo), dir. Ling Cheng-sheng
>Chloe, dir. Riju Go
>Inugami, dir. Harada Masato
>J.S.A. Joint Security Area (Gong dong kyung bi gu yuk JSA), dir. Park
>A Short Film about Death, dir. Lin Jun-hong
>Hua yang de nian hua, dir. Wong Kar-wei
>Forever and ever (Di jou tian chang), dir. Raymond To
>>From the Queen to the Chief Executive, dir. Herman Yau
>Hotoke, Tsuji Jinsei
>Lavender (Fan Yi Cho), dir. Ip Kam-hung
>Nippon non kuroi natsu (Darkness in the Light), dir. Kumai Kei
>Nunmul (Tears), dir. Im Sang-Soo
>Yixizhuoma (Song of Tibet), dir. Xie Fei
>Gaea Girls, dir. Kim Longinotto (Japanese w/ English subtitles)
>The Basement Girl, dir. Onodera Midi
>Ben Khong Chong (Das Ufer der Frauen ohne Maenner), dir. Luu Trong Ninh
>Departure, dir. Nakagawa Yosuke
>Flying, Flying (Fei Ya Fei), dir. Li Ying
>I Love Beijing (Xiari Nuanyangyang), dir. Ning Ying
>Kaza-hana, dir. Somai Shinji
>Love/Juice, dir. Shindo Kaze
>Riben Guizi (Japanische Soldaten des Teufels), dir. Matsui Minoru
>Soro no ana (Hole in the Sky), dir. Kumakiri Kazuyoshi
>   -- I guess it's actually "Sora no ana" but the program and posters
>say "Soro" --
>Zhan Tai (Platform), dir. Jia Zhang-ke
>Comeuppance, dir. Derek Chiu
>HELP!!!, dir. Johnnie To
>Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone, dir. Dante Lam
>Rendan (Quartet for Two), dir. Takenaka Naoto
>The Cabbie, dir. Chen Yiwen
>The Foul King, dir. Kim Jee-woon
>Devotion (A Film About Ogawa Productions), dir. Barbara Hammer
>Ai Xuoi Van Ly (Die lange Reise), dir. Le Hoang
>Chung Cu (Das Wohnhaus), dir. Viet Linh
>Doi Cat (Auf Sand gebaut), dir. Nguyen Thanh Van
>Mua Oi (Die Zeit der Guaven), dir. Dang Nhat Minh
>Nga Ba Dong Loc (Kreuzung Dong Loc), dir. Luu Trong Ninh
>Tro Lai Ngu Thuy (Wiedersehen in Ngu Thuy), dir. Le Manh Thich, Do Khanh
>Vao Nam Ra Bac (In den Sueden und zurueck), dir. Phi Tien Son
>According to the Forum organizers this is probably the first time an
>international film fest places a special focus on new films from
>Nagisa, dir. Konuma Masaru
> -- Isn't he a (former?) Nikkatsu roman poruno director?
>I can't say anything about the Asian films at the European Film Market
>but -- as in the last years -- there seem to be quite a few among the
>more than 330 films in the market section.
>This year, the Retrospective is dedicated to Fritz Lang, and the Hommage
>to Kirk Douglas.
>Then, there is MORITZ'S FAVOURITES, a special section selected by
>parting festival director Moritz de Hadeln. They'll show films that he
>thought important during his 22-year-term (!) as the film fests head.
>The Asian films in this selection are:
>Hong gaoliang (Red Sorghum), dir. Zhang Yimou
>Hsi yen (The Wedding Banquet), dir. Ang Lee
>Umi to dokuyaku (Sea and Poison), dir. Kumai Kei
>With jurors Hirano Kyoko from Japan and Chinese director Xie Fei there
>is also a strong Asian presence in the Jury.
>Are any of you KineJapanners coming to Berlin? Please drop me a line if
>you do, I'd really like to get together.
>Best regards,
>Janine Hansen

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