Berlin line-up

Aaron Gerow gerow
Wed Jan 31 19:58:03 EST 2001

>Gaea Girls, dir. Kim Longinotto (Japanese w/ English subtitles)

My wife just saw this and was very impressed.  Cried a lot, she said.  
And she's a tough cookie.

>Kaza-hana, dir. Somai Shinji

I was not too impressed with this and many of the reviews I've read were 
not either.

>Love/Juice, dir. Shindo Kaze

Both Mark and I put this on our best ten lists.

>Devotion (A Film About Ogawa Productions), dir. Barbara Hammer

My wife co-produced this.  A very interesting investigation of not only 
Ogawa Pro, but also the gender relationships of the New Left.  It helps 
to know a bit about Ogawa Pro, though.
>Nagisa, dir. Konuma Masaru
> -- Isn't he a (former?) Nikkatsu roman poruno director?

Yes, and this is his first film in ages.  A nice youth film, but to me a 
bit predictable.  Eigei put it in the best ten, but I wonder if it was 
not mostly due to sentimental votes.

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