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Wed Nov 28 06:10:51 EST 2001

hello eveybody!

even tough i read the kinejapan mails, it`s been some time since i last contributed anything...
well, i`m still working on my final thesis on "violence and humor in sonatine, hana-bi and brother" and there is 
question that has been on my mind and i was wondering, if any of you has any ideas on that:

eveybody talks about the violence in kitano`s films (at least in interviews, as there is not much material on him). 
as you know, there has been this "ultraviolence" diskussion in film since the 60s (peckinpah etc) which had a 
revival in the 90s (tarantino and stone), all these books dealing with violence in film never ever mention kitano 
and i really wonder why?
is it because he´s not american and so his background is different? but what about "man bites dog", then?

i`m grateful for any ideas or comments!
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