Japan TV tapes

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  That's the only channel I have access too, but it is on a non constant
basis. What I need is some mindless entertainment (it seems to work, as that
is how I learned English).... does anyone know of other channels that may be
offered by satellite here in the US?
  After a few years of university level Japanese instruction, I did find
children's television easy to comprehend...


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> >     I would like to use Japanese TV as a medium to further my Japanese
> >language ability (and perhaps for other studies as well). Of course, I do
> >not have access to Japanese television on a constant basis (when I do,
> it's
> >TV Japan; I would like some entertainment), so I am writing to ask if
> anyone
> >may be interested in recording Japanese television and trading (or
> sending)
> >tapes. If anyone is interested, please reply to my e-mail address... all
> you
> >have to do is hit "record" and drop it off in the mail. I'll pay for
> >tapes/shipping/your time/et al.....
> Are you by any chance in America? There is TV Japan, which is on one of
> satellite networks. And just recently here in Seattle our digital cable
> provider has added it to the channel line-up, so I imagine you can get it
> in other parts of the US as well. TV Japan is NHK TV and here is the
> website and it will tell you how you can get it:
> http://www.tvjapan.net/eng/index_e.html
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