Hama Maiku

M Arnold ma_iku
Tue Jul 9 03:10:42 EDT 2002

I don't think there's been any discussion about the Hama Maiku TV series
yet.  If any of you saw last week's first episode, how was it?

I decided to watch the 2nd episode last night, probably the first time in
more than a year that I've sat down to see an actual TV broadcast.  And what
a surprise!  Probably the coolest thing from Japanese TV I've seen since
watching afternoon reruns of Tantei Monogatari when I was in college.  I
missed a few minutes at the beginning and can't say anything conclusive
about the story right now, but I'm planning on watching next week.

Right after the show's abrupt ending, the friendly channel four newspeople
announced that they'd be talking about the "Yodo-go group" in their report
in a few minutes.  It seems that six people, one of the suspects' wives
(Fukui Takako) and five of the children, are planning to return to Japan on
September 10th.  The news also showed brief footage of three of the Yodo-go
daughters returning on May of last year.  As they went past the cameras on
their way out of the airport I saw someone who looked suspiciously like
Amamiya Karin walking with them...

Michael Arnold

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