Anime on Animation

Alex Zahlten Alex.Zahlten
Wed Jul 10 03:53:40 EDT 2002

Another word on the avenues anime reception and influence can take:

In europe (partially in the states too, I would suspect) on of the areas
that anime becoming 
"cool" has made an impact is music videos, where at least in the last two or
three years a whole 
battery of anime-inspired animated music videos came out- the oldest i can
think of is ghostface 
killers "indiana 500" (hip-hop), the newer ones world be videos by mainly
electronic music 
groups like "air".
The use of anime has an interesting connotation here, though; it is mostly
not the newer, large-
eyed cutesy anime style (which actually probably arrived in Europe through
manga more than 
anime) that has taken it's influence on posters and flyers, but it's mostly
taken in style and 
content from older tv-shows, ones that some of the older music video
watchers would have seen 
as kids ("captain future" is the title one of them ran under in Germany,
that had a big influence). 
I would say that the "coolness" factor of picking up the style has, because
of the emphasis on 
it's connection to one's childhood a strong regressive component to it...
something that can also 
be traced in many of the discussions about  the "captain future"-style in
German magazines and 

Now on the influence on western influence on japanese animation: I recently
saw "Metropolis", 
directed by Rintaro, and was struck by the fact that the style showed an
extreme influence of 
the "ligne claire" style of drawing comics, a style that was more or less
founded by Herg?, the 
influential Belgian comic artist  who made the "Tintin" comics in the 50s
and 60s.... Anyway, a 
style that never had a big influence on even european animation (to my


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