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andrew osmond andrew at ozma.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 30 08:04:53 EST 2002

I'm based in Britain, and interested in the remake of RING. I've seen
the Hideo Nakata version several times, plus RING 2 and RING O. (RASEN
didn't make it here, nor the Korean or TV versions.) One thing I want to
check: am I right in thinking the new remake is the only version
released in the States? Any _confirmed_ reason why?

The American version doesn't come out here until February. My main
question is simply, how close is the US version to Nakata's one? Are
there any major departures? (I don't mind spoilers; it's connected to
some research I'm doing.) Some reviews suggest the little boy's psychic
powers are played up (a la SIXTH SENSE) and the end has more
'explanation,' but more details would be welcome.

Also, I'd be interested to know if people think the story _works_
transposed to a US setting. I know the perils of 'Orientalism,' but I
can't help thinking this kind of ghost story might lose something
outside a setting where animist beliefs are a big part of the culture.

Or is this really a case where if you liked the Japanese RING, you'll
like the remake? Or at least, where there are no good reasons for not
doing so, save 'exotic' prejudices for Japanese films?

I've been to the KFC Cinema interview with Roy Lee (mentioned on this
list earlier) but I'd be grateful to know of any other reputable online
pages that relate to how the Japanese RING was remade.

One last (unrelated) thing: was BATTLE ROYALE ever released in any form
in America, beyond festival screenings?
andrew osmond

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