Hikaru Hayashi's classical works

Schermann Susanne susanneschermann
Tue Nov 11 05:17:11 EST 2003

Recently, I went to a concert here in Tokyo, where
Hayashi's work "Paris 1923" was presented in world
premiere, with the composer among the public. It is a very
nice, very "French" piece, played by guitar and flute,
with a small part for a female voice, half spoken, half
And in February 2004 (12th-22nd), Hayashi's new opera
"Hana no La Mancha Kishido aruiha Don Quijote Saigo no
Boken" will be presented by the Opera Theater Konnyaku Za
in Komazawa (Setagaya Ward) in Tokyo. The score is only
for piano and voice. More information on their homepage
Hope this helps


--- Chuck Stephens <cougar71 at well.com> ????????
> Watching ONIBABA in preparation to write something
> about it for an 
> upcoming Criterion DVD release, I was surprised --
> delighted, really 
> -- to recall that the composer of the film's score
> -- mainly 
> freefalling drum solos and occassional scat/spazz
> hoots and hollers 
> -- is none other than Hikaru Hayashi. Hayashi is
> probably my all-time 
> favorite Japanese soundtrack scorer, particularly
> since I had a 
> chance to see Oshima's amazing "Treatise on Japanese
> Bawdy Song" 
> ("Nihon Shunka-ko") and "Three Ressurrected
> Drunkards" ("Kaette kita 
> yopparai") at the Pusan film festival last year. Can
> someone there in 
> Japan tell me what Hayashi material is available on
> CD, particularly 
> collections of his work for films? I know he is
> (was?) also a 
> prolific composer of modern classical works, though
> I've not heard 
> any of it. Is someone here acquianted with the
> classical side of his 
> work, and might care to describe/reccommend some of
> it for me? Is 
> Hayashi still alive?
> thanks much,
> Chuck
> [I have to vague feeling I've posed this question
> here before; 
> forgive me if, esp Aaron, you've already answered
> this question in 
> part for me. I looked through all my old email and
> can't find a reply 
> if indeed there was one at an earlier date.]

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