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This is a book in which I have an essay on representations of Okinawa 
in Japanese film

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Subject: new book on Okinawa, Japan and the United States

Okinawan Responses to Japanese and American Power.
Rowman and Littlefield, 2003.
Edited by Laura Hein and Mark Selden

Examining contemporary Okinawan culture, politics, and historical
memory, this book traces the dynamic reconstruction and reframing of
Okinawan identity. The contributors explore the cultural and
political expression that has flowered in the past decade with the
vigorous growth of local museums and memorials and of the popularity
of distinctive Okinawan music and literature, as well as of political
movements targeting both U.S. military bases and Japanese national
policy on ecological, developmental, and equity grounds. A key
strategy has been the mobilization of historical memory, particularly
recalling the violent subordination of Okinawan interests to those of
the Japanese and American wartime and occupation governments. With
its intertwining themes of memory, nationality, ethnicity, and
cultural conflict in contemporary society, the book will be valuable
reading for scholars and students across the social sciences and

Contributors: Matt Allen, Linda Isako Angst, Asato Eiko, Gerald
Figal, Aaron Gerow, Laura Hein, Michael Molasky, Steve Rabson, James
E. Roberson, Mark Selden, Julia Yonetani

Islands of Discontent: Okinawan Responses to Japanese and American Power

*	Introduction: Culture, Power and Identity in Contemporary Okinawa
Laura Hein and Mark Selden

*	Making Sense of the Past

*	Wolves at the Back Door: Remembering the Kumejima Massacres
Matt Allen

*	Waging Peace on Okinawa
Gerald Figal

*	Memories of Okinawa: Life and Times in the Greater Osaka Diaspora
Steve Rabson

*	The Rape of a Schoolgirl, Discourses of Power and Women's
Lives in Okinawa
Linda Isako Angst

*	Contemporary Culture, Identity, Resistance

*	Medoruma Shun: The Writer as Public Intellectual in Okinawa Today
Michael Molasky

*	Uchin? Pop: Place and Identity in Contemporary Okinawan Popular Music
James E. Roberson

*	Okinawan Identity and Resistance to Militarization and Maldevelopment
Asato Eiko

*	Future Assets, But At What Price? The Okinawa Initiative Debate
Julia Yonetani

*	From the National Gaze to Multiple Gazes: Representations of
Okinawa in Recent Japanese Cinema
Aaron Gerow

"Okinawa's brutal history has produced a unique new culture, an Asian
example of what Luis Bu?uel called Los Olvidados (The Forgotten
Ones). This brilliant collection by Hein and Selden tries to ensure
that Okinawans will not be forgotten  much longer." -Chalmers
Johnson, author of Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American

"Rich in scope and coherent in its intellectual agenda, Islands of
Discontent is essential reading for anyone interested in the present
and future of Okinawa, and of Japan as a whole." -Tessa
Morris-Suzuki, Australian National University

Available at 15% discount at www.rowmanlittlefield.com

mark selden
ms44 at cornell.edu

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