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Jason Gray loaded_films
Thu Nov 13 11:08:51 EST 2003


It must be cathartic to be able to let loose like a
wolverine on a competition that frankly deserves mauling.
I wrote for the daily newsletter on most of the days, and
when I focused on films outside the competition (NCF,
Winds of Asia etc.) it was pretty easy to be positive
("The Owl" and "Shiranui Kengyo" being favourites).
Writing about the competion...the line between journalism
and PR blurred (disappeared?). I try not to slam
filmmakers (read: I looked on the bright side in a major
way), but the competition selection was wrongheaded in so
many ways. I did genuinely like "Sansa", "Dreaming of
Julia" and "Santa Smokes", though, despite all of them
being flawed. Unfortunately missed "Vibrator", which
sounds like it was the best of the bunch. Any other
KineJapan opinions?

 I can tell you that the list of ratings caused some upset
with visiting guests, who obviously didn't read Japanese
but could see their film title with a low number next to
it. Bad idea to put ratings in the festival's own
publication...especially this festival.

Carry on, then...

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