Nikkatsu dvd recommendations

Nuzumaki nuzumaki
Tue Nov 18 18:41:58 EST 2003

THX  ... i will check up with my friend regarding the finaces, which arent
that great ;)
i will send him your replies today and i hope he can contact  his connection
in tokyo soon- so i can let u know further details about the release (well,
if there will be one :))
but we both would like to release it with eng. and german subs  and the
region code wil be R0, well those are details and i dont want ot talk bout
something which is still more or less an idea.

the problem is selling those "old"  films here in europe, i am not sure if
the market and the fan forum will buy such a release. i think the only way
getting the bills paid is with miike takashi films :)

anyway i will send him those movie recommendations and will let u know if
there are more details.


PS: more recommendations are welcome !

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While I would like to see Seijun Suzuki films and perhaps some of their
Fukasaku titles, it might be difficult to market them. I don't know the
Nikkatsu catalogue too well because it seems that Toho, Daiei and
Shochiku had the best films with Toei and Nikkatsu being the rump end of
the Japanese studio system.

My thinking is more along the lines of independent DVD companies which
have a difficult time selling their films so most of sub-lines which
sell pornography, gay cinema, animation etc. which I think generate the
profits for the label. Take for example, Mongrel Media, First Run Films
etc. which all do this. So I think your friend should emulate these
labels instead is Criterion, Kino or New Yorker which have good
reputations and don't need to finance their labels through other

Even Fantoma seems to have built their catalogue of
Yasuzo Masamura and Fassbinder films from the junk cinema on their web

So I would recommend perhaps that your friend licenses some of the Roman
Porno from Nikkatsu to allow him to make enough money to release the
good stuff under a separate line, else he/she can lose too much money.
Unfornately, the video and DVD markets have a history of many ambitious
labels which didn't last which had great goals and product because of
the business side of things.

Wish him luck and I'll buy any quality films that are released.

Stephen LaRocque

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a friend of mine is planning to buy dvd rights from nikkatsu, because he
good private connections, but he has a problem regarding what movie he
should bring out. i dont have the overview what nikkatsu does/did and
titels i can recommend him. because its going to be his first dvd
release he
wants of course a movie which can be sold too. there are the two
the one is he wants a really good movie which hasnt been released
else, on the other side he needs also to get some bills paid.
i hope here are some people who can help us with some recommendations,
some titels or director names, maybe even webpages to look up?!

thx in advance !
and best regards

stefan nutz

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