Request and self-introduction

Gerry Malir gerry
Wed Nov 19 04:12:53 EST 2003

Having been a recipient of a wide range of information from everyone over the past couple of years or so, and even having put in a couple of words myself,  I feel it really is time to introduce myself. But first, the query: recently a web address was given where reviews in English of current films may be accessed. I must have deleted it amongst all the offers for viagra etc. Can anyone let me know what it was please, or make otheer recommendations?

I taught English in Japan between 1970-73, in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Sasebo. In 73 I returned to the UK to take a course in film at Bristol University, and, being unable to find anyone willing or eager to use my services, I retreated to accountancy for the next 6 years. In 82, I fell into the video business, as a trader in E180s in the East End of London...from the back of my Datsun Cherry...and after many ups and downs in the business, founded first Archamagic in  1988, and with its resources, Artsmagic in 1994. In 1999, as one of our activities, and something I had been planning for a decade, we began to release Japanese films under the Warrior and later East Cult Cinema labels, and now have over 50 titles out in the UK.

Next year, we shall be extending our activities to the States.

Three things led me to Japan: one was a desire not to have to retreat back to the UK from Canada, where I'd been teaching, scond, a desire to study Zen Buddhism, and third, an interest in Japanese cinema. In those days, it was more easy to find people interested in Zen than Japanese movies. It's great now to be able to plug in to an international community that shares my interest.

Gerry Malir

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