Aaron Gerow aagerow
Sun Oct 12 20:02:20 EDT 2003

>Reading earlier postings, I suppose that at least some
>Kinejapaners are here in Yamagata. I have just arrived
>(Saturday midnight) and went straight to Komian but didn't
>see anyone with the kinejapan logo on their foreheads!

I'm at Yamagata too and have already seen many KineJapanners: Jasper, 
Markus, Anne, Don, etc. I've been too busy with movies, my symposium, or 
childcare to talk with many people, but if anyone want's to hook up, I'm at 
the Washington too.

This year's Yamagata is looking to be a big success, if only in terms of 
audience--every place you go is crowded. Part of it is the three day weekend 
(things will empty out starting Tuesday), but lots of people also seem to be 
satisfied. Takamine Go showed Sashingwa and Okinawan Dream Show in an old 
kura with live accompaniment by Oshiro Misako, and Oe Masanori succeeded in 
showing Great Society with six simultaneous projectors. Markus and I each 
had our symposia (mine was kind of dull, I bet, even with Takamine), so if 
there were any reactions, those would be appreciated.

It's rain today, but if it clear's up another day, I might take my son to 
Yamadera. Anyone want to come along?

Aaron Gerow

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