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Harry Alim's account of Japanese films in Java interests me, too, and reminded me of a talk presented at the 1991 Tokyo International Film Fest by Brazilian Ismail Xavier.  He talked about itinerant film distributors/projectionists among nisei and sansei Japanese-Brazilian audiences in the rural regions.  I was fascinated by his account and Harry's story and they make me wonder about other countries where either Japanese entrepreneurs or Japanese diaspora spread films this way.  Anyone else out there have similar experiences or information?  Keep it coming.

Coincidentally, I was just getting to my handwritten notes from Xavier's 1991 talk.  Recently I found all my notes from that panel and from my 1991-93 film viewings in Japan--after thinking for years that they'd been lost forever in an office move!  It'll take me awhile to type up my notes from the 1991 TIF panel (called something like "Japanese Films Viewed from Outside Japan") but if anyone wants this self-styled, rather sketchy report, just let me know.  The panel was part of a series of English-subtitled, Japanese films from the 1930s screened at the Denryokukan in Shibuya and panelists included Edith Kramer, Tony Rayns, Shu Kei, and Donald Richie as moderator.

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