Fwd: Donald Richie has confirmed that he will be giving a lecture!!!!

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This from Temple University in Japan:

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> Subject: Donald Richie has confirmed that he will be giving a 
> lecture!!!!
> Dear TUJ Friends,
> The topic will be "Fifty Years of Journal-Keeping in Japan and How to 
> Do It," based upon the publication of his book entitled Japan 
> Journals:1947-2004.
> Date: Friday, October 1
> Time: 7 p.m.
> Profile of Donald Richie
> Named by TIME magazine, "the dean of Japan's art critics," and 
> acknowledged as the foremost authority on Japanese cinema, Donald 
> Richie has also written widely - some forty books in all - on other 
> aspects of the country and its people.  The Inland Sea has been called 
> a classic and its film version has won prizes at international film 
> festivals as well as the National Geographic Earth Award.  His Public 
> People, Private People has been called "unforgettable" by Tom Wolfe 
> and of his two collections of essays, A Lateral View and Partial 
> Views, Sunsan Sontag has said:  "Donald Richie writes about Japan with 
> an unrivaled range, acuity, and wit."
> Richie has lived in Japan for most of his life.  Arriving on New 
> Year's Day, 1947, he worked as feature-writer and film critic for The 
> Pacific Stars and Stripes. After graduating from Columbia University 
> in 1953, he returned to Japan as film critic for The Japan Times.
> He has written for Newsweek, The Nation, Variety, The New York Times, 
> The Guardian, Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, and all major films 
> magazines. In addition he presented the first retrospective of the 
> Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu at the 1962 Berlin Film Festival 
> and has since designed many festival retrospectives, acted as guest 
> director of the Telluride Film Festival, and served on the juries at 
> the Hawaii, Lacarno, Thessaloniki, and Kerala Festivals.
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