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Fergus MacDermot macdermotfergus
Mon Aug 9 08:35:27 EDT 2004

I couldn't find an obvious email on the Japan Foundation website 
(http://www.us-jf.org), but I'm sure someone eelse on the mailing list must 
have  arelevant one.

As for DVDs, I'm not sure about the situation in the States but I tried to 
do a similar thing in the UK. I wanted to show a couple of Japanese films on 
dvd to s[pread the word round uni. I wrote to the companies releasing the 
DVDs here and they told me to contact the Production companies in Japan as 
they did not have any public distribution right. I wrote to the Production 
companies (Studio Ghibli. Nikkatsu and another), and two of them told me the 
dvds could not be used for public performance as they were for home 
entertainment only. StudioGhibli added that with dvds they could not control 
re-production quality and so only allowed proper prints to be shown. 

Good luck with your attempts though.


>I recall that there has been discussion on the list
>about how educational institutions can rent 16mm and
>35mm prints of otherwise unavailable films from the
>Japan Foundation. Do any of you have an e-mail address
>at the Foundation that I could contact to get this
>process started? I work on a volunteer basis with the
>Green Bay Film Society, and we are interested in
>introducing the riches of classic Japanese cinema to
>our viewers.
>Along the same lines, for those Japanese films that
>are available on DVD (mainly through Criterion,
>although I have noticed the availability of some
>titles from Image and Milestone as well), does one
>obtain public projection rights from the DVD company
>itself? We are keenly interested in showing Ozu's Good
>Morning in Spring 2005. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit
>corporation; our screenings take place at a public
>museum and we do not charge admission. We do advertise
>the titles of the films that we are showing.
>Thank you all in advance for your collective wisdom on
>these topics.
>Mark Harris
>Mark R. Harris
>107 Canal Street
>Little Chute WI 54140

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