peeping at the corpses under the rubble

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Fri Aug 27 16:55:57 EDT 2004

hello hello

i apologize... i failed to introduce myself when i joined.  my name is
james voges and i am a 5th year film student at grand valley state
university in michigan.  at the moment, i am living in taiwan and studying
mandarin at shi da, and am particularly interested in gender and sexuality
in taiwanese cinema.

right now at 'the taipei film house'  they are holding the new talents,
young cinema "tailly high" film festival.  i just returned from watching
'peep "tv" show' by tsuchiya yukata and I was curious to know if anyone
else had the chance to see it, and what your impressions were.  I am
expecially interested in hearing from those whom have lived in japan post
9-11, and how they believe it compares (as far as representitiveness goes)
to contemporary voyeurism and gosloli.  thanks.

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