Kitano's honor

Mark Nornes amnornes at
Sat Aug 28 08:13:39 EDT 2004

I flicked on the television to surf and caught the last 30 seconds of  
Takeshi's Konna hazu de! ( Wished I  
had caught the whole thing, as it was about Japanese stars that made it  
in Hollywood. Apparently, the occasion for the theme was Watanabe Ken  
being chosen to play a villain in the next Batman installment. Here's  
the description off the webpage:


Actually, the reason I thought I'd post about this was the comment  
Takeshi ended the show on. Went something like, "You know I had this  
film called Brother that was set in the States. It won the grand prize  
at the Iran International Film Festival. The reason is that there are  
scenes were Japanese shoot Americans.

As an American, I think this is kinda funny. But if I were Iranian, I'd  
be pissed.

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