a japanese film of sixties

kelly kelly.davis
Tue Aug 3 09:07:15 EDT 2004

if it's such an important film then it is bound to be in donald 
richie's "the japanese movie, an illustrated history".
and if not there and if nobody on the list knows the title of the 
mystery film
you can otherwise try to contact a film archive center based in Japan.
good luck

On Tuesday, August 3, 2004, at 12:53  PM, harry alim wrote:

> dear all,
> ?
> when i was small, in the early sixties, there was a japanese film that 
> i regretfully missed.
> ?
> i can't remember the title nor the name of the actor, but there are 
> only two minors thing that i can remember to be a clue, i hope it is 
> enough.
> ?
> i saw this film from a trailer in the sixties or possibly i saw it but 
> of the first part.
> ?
> first thing?: there was an actor boy in this film in the role as 
> wind's son who can run like wind.
> ?
> second thing?: this film is about war torn japan and samurai, one 
> memorable shot in the beginning is a japanese flag with country name 
> (in kanji) or person name (army general or samurai) written on it 
> soaked on blood soaked in small river with crystal water run on it
> ?
> this film is so long either it is in two part or more than two hours, 
> it is an epic story, a collosal film, in the early sixties it is so 
> popular, that everyone should seen it.
> ?
> in the early sixties, other japanese film popular among kids are 
> zatoichi film played by shintaro katsu, for sure the film i mentioned 
> is not one of zatoichi.
> ?
> by the way now i live in jakarta indonesia, at those time i lived in 
> central java, rural java.
> ?
> i want to make peace with my past, as this film is the one i missed it 
> so bad at that time, other american film i missed when i was small, 
> fortunately with the coming of dvd enable me to make peace with myself 
> now by seeing it after almost forty years.
> ?
> i hope there will be one of you who can guide on how to get and to 
> know about this film
> ?
> one of american film of sixties i missed when i was small and i just 
> recently watched, for example is the day of triffith.
> ?
> thanks in advance for any help
> ?
> harry alim
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