Translation help :-)

Paul Kraly seaotter37 at
Wed Jun 29 13:05:16 EDT 2005

I hope someone can read Japanese characters. I rec'd an email yesterday
from Kinokuniya in San Fransisco about four movie titles I was
interested in. Problem is, it's in Japanese. I don't need to know the
English titles, but if someone can translate this into readable
Japanese, I'd be pleased.

1. 「海女の化物屋敷」 IMBS1040
2.「海女の戦慄」 IMBS1096
3.「怪談海女幽霊/怪談本所七不思議」 不明
4.「女真珠王の復讐」 IMBS1043

Thanks very much, anyone that can help. :-)


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