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Robyn Dranfield robyn.d at 3ae.jp
Sun Nov 6 08:21:50 EST 2005

I was wondering if I could seek someone's advice about translating a 
Japanese script into English subtitles.
Would anyone have any other ideas on how to translate the following three 
words.  The lines are taken from a Japanese film which is set in Okinawa 
during the early years of the American Occupation.

戦果アギャー (stealing stuff from army bases to sell on the black market)

I am thinking to translate 戦果アギャー as looting (looter), scavenging 
(scavenger) yet, the nuance seems to be more "pillaging fruits of war". Any 
other ideas that are shorter?


(2) 俺は、戦果ならアヤーで一番だからな。

I thinking to translate it as 'boss' but the feeling is more of a fatherly 
yakuza boss. (Godfather is way too strong)


(2) おやっさん、喜ぶぜ

I found it as 'pocket money job',  does anyone have any other thoughts?

Thank you so much for your help!

Robyn Dranfield 
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