children consuming electronic technology in Japanese films?

Tiferet tiferet
Mon Nov 21 08:10:52 EST 2005

children consuming electronic technology in Japanese films?Try with Kei Kataoka's "Insutooru" (, the story of10yr old boy teaching 17yr old girl how to use her PC and then inviting her into the world of sex chats (where he is pretending to be a young woman). I'm not sure if it's "entertainment", maybe not entirely, but it's an interesting look on Japanese children vs. PCs and the Net ;)

Anna "Tiferet" Sikorska

  Would anybody have suggestions for film images of Japanese children using electronic stuff, particularly as entertainment?  Ozu's Ohayo on television & Nakata's Ringu for video come to mind.  There are scenes in Koreeda's Daremo shiranai at a game parlor and with a TV game. I would be very grateful for any advice.  

  Greg Johnson
  Comparative Culture
  Otsuma Women's University
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