Call for papers in Barcelona and Help

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Really? When it came out in France (and Switzerland), if I remember well,
many critics were pretty negative about it. I guess, I'll have to give it a
try...Is it really a Japanese-French co-production, or just a French
production using some Japanese actors? That is my souvenir from the ads they
ran when the movies came out.
Ariane Beldi
Geneva, Switzerland 


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On a coincidental note, I'm just watching 'Wasabi', a Japanese-French
co-production. It's very much a pop culture view of Japan, but it's a Luc
Besson production starring Jean Reno, which means it's probably one of the
most high-profile European-Japanese co-productions of recent years.


Dear kinejaps:

Some of you (the European above all) might know an interesting
Call for Papers about "Cine Europeo Contemporáneo" (Second International
Congress on Contemporary European Cinema) to celebrate next June in
Barcelona ( 

I was there last year and it was quite interesting. May be I'm
coming again this year. I'd like to make something about relationships
or interaction b! etween European and Japanese (Eastern) contemporary
cinema so, what comes to your mind? Any particular ideas about movies,
books, webs, etc., that could help me? 

Thanks in advance.

Lorenzo J. Torres
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Madrid, Spain


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