Onnagata on film

Sat Jan 28 15:04:35 EST 2006


Ito Daisuke 1951 Oedo gonin otoko:  one of the characters is an onnagata who 
will play the role of the murdered woman in "Bancho sara yashiki."

Of course, Tojuro no koi (1938/1955, both starring Hasegawa Kazuo) might be 
worth a look.  

Check the Pacific Film Archive.


Quoting Melek Ortabasi <mortabas at hamilton.edu>:

> Hi Anne,
> Ohisashiburi! I'm not sure if you want films on the subject of
> onnagata, or just films with onnagata in them. I know of a couple
> that fit into the latter category.
> The silent chambara film, Shibukawa Bangor? (1926, dir. Tsukiyama
> K?kichi), uses oyama for all its female roles.
> There's also Mizoguchi's Zangiku monogatari (1939) about a struggling
> young Kabuki actor who appears onstage as an onnagata in a couple of
> scenes. So a different use here.
> Anyway, HTH
> Melek
> >I wondered if anyone might be able to suggest any images, scenes, or
> even
> >outright films available on onnagata. The only one that comes to mind
> right
> >off is Black Lizard, with Miwa Akihiro. But I may be forgetting even
> the
> >obvious...
> >Thanks for any leads!
> >Anne
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> Department of Comparative Literature
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