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Jim Harper jimharper666
Tue Jan 3 14:22:21 EST 2006

Hello KineJapaners...
  First, an enquiry: does anyone know of a reliable (and preferably online) source in English for Japanese box office takings or ticket sales? Even something like a 'top twenty' would be useful. Can anyone help?
  On another note, I hope the other members will forgive me, but I wanted to send a message to those UK members with digital television. BBC4 and FilmFour are showing a number of interesting films next week. BBC4 have The Twilight Samurai (Monday 9, 10 p.m.), Kikujiro (Tuesday 20, 11 p.m.) and Gohatto (Friday 13, 10 p.m.), while FilmFour are showing The Little Norse Prince (Saturday 7 & Wednesday 11, 6 p.m.) and Castle of Cagliostro (Sunday 8 & Thursday 12, 6 p.m.). Thank you!
  Jim Harper.

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