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My name is Brian Jenkins, and I am a graduate student at San Diego State
University.  I am preparing to start research for my thesis, which as of
this moment will be about the portrayal of minorities in Japanese cinema.
As I am just in the initial stages of the research, I'm not clear in which
direction I'll be going.  I was hoping members of this group might be able
to provide me guidance as to where to find scholarly works on the topic, be
they in film critique, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, or other
humanities-related areas (and please don't be shy about recommending your
own work).  Any and all information is welcome.

For those of you who know him, Dr. Michael Weiner will be sitting on my
committee.  It is he who recommended this group to me, and he who will no
doubt ensure that the final draft of my thesis will be of the highest
quality.  I look forward to hearing from the willing and able.

Sidenote: among the films I'll be utilizing are Oshima Nagisa's KOUSHIKEI
(Death By Hanging), and Sai Yoichi's TSUKI WA DOTCHI NI DETE IRU (All Under
The Moon).   If anyone on this list has access (or can tell me how to get
access) to copies of these films, please e-mail me.  Additionally, if you
can recommend other films on the topic, that information is also welcome (I
have a copy of Yukisada Isao's GO, but little beyond that).

Thanks in advance.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.

Brian Jenkins
Master's Candidate, Asian Studies
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA, USA

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