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>I think that what Miyazaki does in order to receive credit as "director" is substantially different from what Mizoguchi did to receive credit as >"director". 

Okay, I've heard this and similar, but what is the argument? Live action directors work with a cinematographer, actors interpret lines, editors make decisions, studio heads and producers have input. The animator has voice actors, character and background artists with input, etc. They both work from storyboards and a script. They both have studios and producers.

What did I miss?

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Jasper is quite right to say that I'm not personally very interested in animation. But that has nothing to do with the point I made here, which is that I perceive photography and painting as different media, a comment which implied no value judgement. I'm not particularly interested in symphonic music either, but that doesn't mean that I dismiss the aesthetic achievements of Beethoven, Mahler, Bruckner, et al - just that I don't choose to devote as much time to them as I do to great movies, books and paintings.

An art historian might, as Jasper says, examine twentieth century visual arts and discuss both painting and photography. Or he/she might write a book about the Renaissance and discuss both painting and sculpture. Nevertheless, one would not feel that a book about "Renaissance painting" specifically was necessarily lacking something - the author  might have just chosen to narrow the field. Conversely, one could widen one's field and focus on Renaissance arts as a whole - ie including literature, music, etc. All these choices would be defensible, because painting and sculpture, or painting and photography, like animation and live-action film, are related but distinct media - one might want to discuss them together or separately, according to context.
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