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Rob Schwartz gangamati
Thu Oct 26 21:02:09 EDT 2006

Congratulations Nippon Ham Fighters!

In a mometous occasion for Japanese baseball, for a second year in a row a
foreign manager has captured the Japan Series (last year Bobby Valentine
with the Chiba Lotte Marines and this year Trey Hillman).

On 10/27/06, Aaron Gerow <aaron.gerow at> wrote:
> Yesterday, the baseball team based in Sapporo, the Nippon Ham Fighters,
> defeated the Chunichi Dragons (from Nagoya), by a score of 4-1, thus
> winning their fourth game and the cementing victory in the Japan
> Series. Since my wife is from Hokkaido, this is certainly a wonderful
> event for us, but you might be asking, why mention this on a film
> mailing list?
> Well, the last time this team won the Japanese championship was 44
> years ago when it had another name: the Toei Flyers. Sound familiar?
> Yes, at that time, the team was owned by the Toei Studios, the
> producers of Nakamura Kinnosuke samurai movies and all those yakuza
> films starring Takakura Ken or directed by Fukasaku Kinji or Kato Tai.
> In the days when movies were the king of the entertainment world in
> Japan, most of the film studios owned professional baseball teams which
> are the ancestors of today's current teams. From what I remember, there
> was the Shochiku Robins (now the Yokohama BayStars), the Daiei Unions
> (now Chiba Lotte), and perhaps you can say the Hankyu Braves (now the
> Orix Buffaloes--Toho is part of the Hankyu group).
> So congratulations to the descendants of the Toei Flyers!
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